45 Years

(USA/UK 2015)

45 Years— my lifetime, and about how long it felt like it took to get through this. On the eve of a huge party to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary, Geoff Mercer (Tom Courtenay) receives a letter informing him that the body of a past lover from before he met his wife Kate (Charlotte Rampling) has been recovered after 50 years– she fell off a cliff while they were vacationing in Switzerland. He is absorbed by this news, which does not sit well with Kate.

45 Years isn’t bad, but it is tedious; I found myself growing more and more restless as it went on. A lot happens during the course of the film, but it’s mostly mental– thoughts, feelings, and struggles within the characters. Sure, these all manifest themselves physically, but mostly in a quiet way. I wanted more action here. The big thrill for me was recognizing Geraldine James from Little Britain– she played the mother in the “Bitty” skit.

(AMC River East) C-

Chicago International Film Festival


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